A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Momentum Shot is a simple multiplayer duel FPS created for GMTK Jam.

Guns serve two purposes: besting your foes and propelling yourself. 


  • Pistol - high damage bullet with large knock back. 1 shot total.
  • Shotgun - medium damage pellet spread with moderate knock back. 6 shots total.
  • Dual SMG - low damage bullets with low knock back. 60 shots total.

Supports a wide variety of input methods:

  • Keyboard - (P1)  WASD + Left Alt / (P2) Arrow keys + Right Ctrl   
  • Mouse - Mouse Movement + Left Click
  • Controller - Stick movement + trigger

Play on your terms:

  • Two people on one keyboard
  • One on keyboard, one on mouse (Keyboard - P1 / Mouse - P2)
  • One on keyboard, one on controller (Keyboard - P1 / Controller - P2)
  • One on mouse, one on controller (Mouse - P1 / Controller - P2)
  • Two people on one controller (Left - P1 / Right - P2)
  • Two people on two controllers


Why doesn't my controller work?

Make sure you selected a mode that supports controller input. (A more flexible input system is coming in the future). Past that, restart the game and your controller(s). Unity's default input system likes to be a butt.


MomentumShot_Windows.zip 20 MB
MomentumShot_MacOS.zip 35 MB
MomentumShot_Linux.zip 40 MB