A downloadable game for Windows

Super Taxi Simulator VR 5000 is a game currently in development for the HTC Vive.

NOTE: The last build of this game was made in 2016. SteamVR has changed a lot since then. There are no guarantees this will work.

You'll play as a taxi driver, frantically driving around the city, collecting and delivering passengers. You'll have to deal with rowdy passengers in the only way video games allow - violence. Harass other drivers on the road, play with your fuzzy dice, go on a fire hydrant murdering rampage - the city is at your checkerboard fingertips.

Current version: Pre-alpha 1

Current features:

Drive the car.

Pickup powerups

Collide and cause damage to objects

Load test levels

Listen to engine noises on loop

Fall off test levels



pre alpha 1.zip 66 MB